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Protect and Shine 25L

Protect and Shine 25L

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Protect and Shine is an unrivalled, water based environmental friendly silicone emulsion product that contains absolutely no solvent or petroleum based ingredients and can be safely used on plastics, rubber and has built in corrosion protection for all metals to prevent rusting and oxidisation. 

Effortlessly enhances the appearance by giving a factory look finish. It seals the surface against dirt, moisture and dust, making your bike easier to wash next time round. Specifically formulated for ease of use with its non-greasy, non-solvent properties means overspray can be easily wiped off. 

Protect and Shine is a specially formulated silicone spray that will not only leave your bike looking factory fresh, but will leave a high gloss, non sticky protective layer which will help fight off moisture and dirt making your next wash easier. With built-in corrosion protection for all metals to prevent rusting and oxidisation protect and shine is safe to use on all plastics, metals, carbon fibre, and titanium.  Also available in 1L spray bottle and 5L refill.

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